Raechel Harding

For me editing is about crafting a performance with the moving image, it is about creating a story and exploring
its narrative possibilities. It is the process of pulling together all of the elements and arranging them to tell a
story, evoke emotions and share ideas.

I thrive in creative collaboration and diversity of subject matter. I have worked with many talented directors,
agencies and post crews, shared peoples stories and inspired others to tell theirs. My work spans short and
feature films, music videos and corporate communications. It has been recognised both locally and globally,
shown throughout international film festivals and received awards from Chicago International Film Festival,
US International Film and Video Festival and the AVPA.

- Fixed On Fixed, 2014
- Chicago International Film Festival
- US International Film and Video Festival
- Australian Video and Producers Association Awards
- Korsakow System, Te Tai Tokerua, 2006