Te Tai Tokerau is a new media documentary database driven video archive created with the Korsakow System. 

This interactive database allows the viewer to become a user, creating their own documentary sequence. I designed a video database which creates a new narrative each time the user interacts with the software. 

The subject matter of the project is Te Tai Tokerau, an indigenous Maori community in the Hokianga Region, far north New Zealand. I travelled throughout the Hokianga to document individuals, communities and the tales of the land.

The Hokianaga is a small rural region located at the top on New Zealand’s North Island. It is referred to as the birthplace and cradle of Maoridom and one of the first points of European contact. The area is steeped in the history of New Zealand and today has a unique blend of Maori & European cultures.

The remote location of the Hokianga and small population has impacted its social and economic development. There is no operating post office, bank or money machine in the area and lack of employment opportunities and government restrictions mean that most generations have been forced to leave the area.

I was invited to present a research paper at the 2006 Expanding Documentary Conference on the field of new media and video databases as the technology at the time was considerably groundbreaking.

I led a question and answer panel to provide insights into the progress and milestones I was making within this field of communication.