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Stefania Ferrario is leading the charge for a greater diversity and representation in fashion. Last year the Australian model posted a selfie to Instagram using the #DropThePlus hashtag, adding her voice to the online conversation calling on the industry to stop using ‘plus’ and ‘plus size’ when describing models who are larger than a US 4. The image went viral and made headlines everywhere. Since then Ferrario has been a key figure in the global #DropThePlus movement. In this episode of Broadly Meets, Ferrario explains why she sees the ‘plus’ language as damaging and disempowering. The model talks about the repercussions of limited representation, and how a lack of diversity in body type, ethnicity, and age affects audiences. Ferrario also talks about personal challenges over the course of her career, explaining her journey towards accepting her body and self image within the notoriously cutthroat modelling game. She explains how, to her, modelling is not just a representation of physical appearance, but an opportunity to explore various aspects of her identity.


Client: VICE Broadly
Director / Producer: Courtney Dewitt
Cinematographer: Sky Davies
Supervising Producers: Ramona Telecican / Katy Roberts
Editor: Raechel Harding
Stills: Melissa Cowan

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