Munchies - food by vice. 

In partnership with Connoisseur Gourmet Ice-Cream's new Brooklyn Collection and Sam Mason (OddFellows Ice Cream), Vice Munchies explores the tastes of Brooklyn.

Ramen burgers, dulce de leche doughnuts, lobster rolls, duck sausage ice cream, and a bar entirely dedicated to matcha? Must be Williamsburg.

From Coney Island’s classic candy apples to its Russian stroganoff, a whirlwind tour of the flavour delights that lie beyond the Brighton Beach boardwalk.

Sam Mason sinks his teeth into the best of Bed Stuy—a borough where flavours are infused with local history and Hilary Clinton once danced at a ‘70s supper club.

Client: VICE Munchies
Producer: Ramona Telecican
Post Producers: GregCooper
Editor: Raechel Harding

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